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Planning your visit

Local vibes

We are excited you've decided to visit our farm. While we know you'll have a great time visiting  the alpacas and learn a lot of about them while you're here, there are a few things to keep in mind while planning your visit. Since we are a farm, mother nature can play a big role in your visit. Keep in mind you might not want to wear your best shoes on a farm. If there has been rain in the days leading up to your visit, mud boots and raincoats may come in handy.  As with any outdoor location, we are also subject to everything else nature has to offer, including mosquitoes, bees, etc. While we do our best to keep them to a minimum, they do make their appearances. Those with allergies might consider bringing insect repellent and/or epipens if necessary. 

While planning your visit, you might consider making it a full day trip or even overnight event. We offer tent camping and RV sites for those who want to really bond with the animals or are considering the alpaca rancher lifestyle for themselves and want to get a better feel.

*Although this is a farm,  we respectfully ask that visitors leave their furry friends at home for this visit, as the alpacas are afraid of some other animals. While the staff at Arella Farm loves and appreciates dogs and cats,  we simply cannot afford therapy for traumatized alpacas. 







Monday, May 4, 2020