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Arella Farm

Just outside the hustle and bustle of the city sits an alpaca farm waiting for you to take time out and play. Spend an afternoon with us and relax to the peaceful hum of our friendly alpacas.

We cordially invite you to come out and explore the alpaca farm lifestyle and experience for yourself what it takes to raise alpacas.

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2024 is going a be a busy but fun year at Arella Farm.

March is set to bring a lot of excitement to the farm! For starters, we're expecting babies in March! Stay tuned for birth announcements and your invite to the Biggest Alpaca Baby Shower in Mississippi! We couldn't image celebrating new life without you!

March will also find us at Viking Festival in Hot Springs, AR. If you haven't been, you're missing out on a wonderful time! Check them out and meet us there! We'll be there with alpaca socks and other alpaca items as well!

"TITANIC'S LAST MEAL; A CULINARY RECREATION" returns to the farm. If you find yourself wondering why this historic meal would be served at an alpaca farm, don't worry, we'll tell you about the alpaca/titanic connection while you here. This unique experience will take place April 13th at 4:00 pm. Chef Arballo joins us once again with an all-inclusive five course recreation of this historic meal. If you were in attendance last year, you may notice a few menu changes as we attempt to sample more menu items inclusive of several classes of the Titanic. RESERVATIONS ARE AVAILABLE NOW! Select the April 13th on the calendar below to start booking your table.

Shearing is also tentatively scheduled for the afternoon of March 29th. Curious about shearing? You're invited to come out an watch. We do not charge for this, but donations are accepted and appreciated. We will keep you informed as the schedule is subject to change depending on weather.

We are planning a HUGE event here at the farm in June this year and we can't wait to bring you details! Let's just say the alpacas are expecting company to visit the farm. They're coming to help get the new barn finished out!

In the meantime, though we may experience a few brisk mornings still, you're welcome to come out an spend some time with the alpacas. Call to reserve your time: 901-438-8228


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